Things you didn't know about Dazrin

Dazrin is a very humble, down to earth and family oriented kind of guy. He loves spending quality time with his loving and supportive family. He has 2 other siblings, 1 younger sister Dahlya  and an older sister Diyana. He has 2 adorable nephews named Dzekry and Darius!

Dazrin loves playing the guitar and he has 4 guitars at home. He has a small studio at home and he spends most of his free time in his studio. Whenever he feels stressed out, he will play the guitar. And he loves to sing! He will sing until the microphone battery dies :P He has a collection of unusual looking fishes such as the dragon fish and china doll fish.

He collects all sorts of swords. This hobby started when he was small and he got this interest in collecting swords from his father. He is also good in martial arts such as Silat, Taekwando and Judo and started learning since he was small.

Dazrin is the type of person who speaks his mind. He believes and stands for his right. He loves his fans and he treats them as how he would treat his friends. He appreciates each of his fans because without them, he wouldn't be where he is today :) The people closest to Dazrin would agree that he has the best intentions in everyone and always sees the good side of everyone. A loyal friend and supportive friend. Always helping and giving advise to others.

Let's all support Dazrin in whatever he does. We are with you all the way, champ! Let's FLY WITH DAZRIN :)

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